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Overrated novels

I had to post this, because when I saw the headline my mind went immediately to Catcher in the Rye—and then there it was, on the first page! My biggest issue with that particular book was how overrated it is—I had heard for years how amazing it is, so I was expecting basically the be-all and end-all of novels by the time I got around to reading it, and then in comparison to my expectations it just seemed ‘pretty good.’  I had a similar, though more favorable, reaction to 1984.  Still a great novel, but no Brave New World, in my opinion. I guess the lesson here is that novels are best received with an open mind and an unformed opinion.

I agree with all the other books on this list (that I’ve read), except The Great Gatsby.  I definitely thought it was overrated the first time I read it, but after I had to read it again I thought it was some of the most beautiful writing I’d ever read.  

Moby Dick is approaching the top of the pile of books I plan to read.  Flavorwire calls it overrated, but I just finished The Art of Fielding, a wonderful book and essentially an ode to Melville. I’m interested to see what side of the debate I land on!

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